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Job Management System

Flexibility and universal control were the key priorities for RSA Engineers when it came to developing a new all-encompassing project management system.

The Issues

As engineering consultants, RSA Engineers provide a growing portfolio of services, ranging from site surveys for construction and mining companies, to energy efficiency assessments.

With thousands of projects on the go at any given time, often with multiple projects for each client, they were in dire need of an automated, start-to-finish job management system. They required a solution that integrates and streamlines all aspects of project management: estimation, scheduling, time and cost tracking, document management, contract management, collaboration, purchasing and asset tracking.

The Solution

The custom system we developed manages the complete project lifecycle and integrates a number of elements, features and functionality. It enables the RSA team to:

  • Manage time sheets and track hours spent on projects for billing purposes
  • Enables receipts and expenses to be captured against one or more projects and charged back to the client accurately
  • Generate invoices – final invoices, as well as interim invoices for larger projects
  • Export invoices for seamless MYOB integration
  • Manage staff and project costing ledgers
  • Assign tasks, dependencies and deadlines to streamline and ensure project delivery
  • Check the progress and status of a project, or any task within a project
  • Manage and reconcile hours, salaries, overtime and time-in-lieu (TOIL calculator)
  • Record project activity information and data for tracking and reporting purposes


Now, with all project-specific costing data in one place, RSA’s invoices are timely, improving billing and cash-flow. What’s more, the ability to create tasks, notifications and alerts for individual RSA consultants will ensure projects stay on track.

Bottom line

The new job management system has improved efficiency and project delivery, empowering RSA’s consultants and promoting accountability. Greater project control and universal access to accurate project data mean that RSA is now able to manage their workflow and workload with minimal admin, so the business can focus on developing its services and client portfolio.


“We are very excited to deploy our new project portfolio and business management software. The time and effort saved through the use of this software tool will have an enormous impact on the day-to-day running of our business.”

Tim Salter – IT and Communications Manager, RSA Engineering

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