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Job Management System

Great Aussie Patios’ system streamlines project management and delivery, providing real-time access to job status and business data, anytime, anywhere.


Family-owned and operated, Great Aussie Patios has grown to become one of Perth’s leading patio design and construction companies – so fast, in fact, that they had outgrown their spread sheet-based job management system. The process, which relied heavily on manually copying and pasting data, was prone to errors and resulted in wasted admin time.


We developed a custom job management system. In addition to capturing all sales and project management workflow data, from initial sales enquiries to the completion of projects, the sophisticated system provides staff with a dynamic reporting dashboard that enables them to track key business efficiency statistics and metrics. The dashboard can display results in a variety of easy-to-understand graphs, pie charts or line graphs, creating reports that can be saved and updated over time.

The system enables users to:

  • Create quotes, schedule installations and price jobs
  • Log in and view their personal dashboard of tasks and scheduled installations
  • Input materials for quoting – the system then calculates the cost of materials
  • Set up dynamic project management checklists that update to reflect the status of each task, right through to completion
  • Send email requests for payments, generate contracts and notify customers when plans are released from the shire
  • Establish and explore an audit trail, tracking changes in the system back to the user and the time and day they were made
  • Tap in to a powerful database and analyse business statistics through the reporting engine and dashboard


Our solution makes managing projects quicker and easier, enabling users to access a wealth of real-time project and business data instantly, whether they are in the office or on the road. It’s a dynamic system that, in turn, enables Great Aussie Patios’ staff and business to be more dynamic.

"The end result is a great addition to my business that helps all my staff work more efficiently and effectively. David, Yati and the OneIT staff were always very patient and helpful in seeing my vision for this custom software through to completion. I am very happy with the final product that I use all day every day which helps me run my business better than ever. "

Marcus Fulker, Managing Director, Great Aussie Patios

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