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Custom Software and Databases
Databases and software developed to your exact requirements

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Custom Software & Database Development

Booking Systems, Database Developments, Workflow Databases, Systems Integration, Programmers

  • Has your business been growing quickly, but the faster it grows the more difficult it is to manage? We build custom software to manage your growth, so that you stay in control.

  • Is it taking you more and more time to track your operations from beginning to end? Our custom software helps you standardise your operation, ensuring you save time and money administrating your business.

  • Have you ever been frustrated figuring out who worked on what product or service and when? Do you know who is accountable for each step in your processes? Our software puts this information at your fingertips.

  • Have your customer complaints been getting worse or more numerous? We build custom packages that ease your customer service problems and help your staff deal with them more effectively.

  • Is cash flow ever a problem? Do you want to see your money as quickly as possible after a sale? Our custom software will provide you with faster billing, faster turnaround and can even prevent inventory loss.

Our highly experienced team delivers better quality, reliability and long term support than big consulting firms, without the big consulting firm prices!

We create booking systems, database developments and workflow databases. We are experts at systems integration and offer the services of programmers.

Big Business Experience

Our expertise is the result of working with some of Australia's largest companies, such as the Commonwealth Bank, RAC Finance, Tabcorp, BT / Westpac, and Vanguard.

These clients demand error-free, fully supported, value for money custom software and database development. We have delivered custom solutions for them that solved their needs and we can do the same for you.

Without the Big Business Price

We don't just work with the largest companies. Many of our most successful systems are being used by smaller companies, some with under 5 staff. These companies gain the benefits of our experience without paying a hefty price tag.

We are able to deliver powerful software and database systems with such exceptional value because our experience with larger businesses has given us a large set of “templates” that we can copy and customise rather then re-inventing everything. This saves us a great deal of time, and we pass these savings on to you.

We not only know our code but we have in-depth knowledge of many different industries from hospitality to financial to retail and beyond.

Our experience and expertise means we deliver on time and on budget. There will be fewer mistakes, less “buggy” code and more accurate solutions. You will see results from your custom software and database more quickly, ensuring you receive the best value from your investment.

Scalable to Grow With You

During our years of working with corporate clients, we have developed proven templates that have worked for many different clients and industries. That means our software will grow with you to accommodate any future requirements you may need. Our proven approach means our custom software and databases will not break when your system grows in complexity, unlike solutons that are developed without the benefit of this experience.

As your business grows, whether it's new staff, contractors, or suppliers, you're not going to pay an additional fee every time you add a new user or new clients.

Superior Support - Now and Long Term

Custom software becomes a critical component of your business.

We have supported some of our clients for a decade with our 24/7 operational support and ongoing software support.

You will not experience the unfortunate situation where your individual programmer takes a holiday or disappears. Our work is supported by a development team, meaning you need never worry should you require changes or fixes. We know exactly what training is necessary and how important customer support is. We'll never let you down.

Our Custom Software and Databases Work Now and Over the Long Run

You'll always feel safe that the custom software and database we develop for you will work. It will work across operating systems, since it is largely web based, and it will integrate with your current software. Our corporate clients demand seamless integration with their other software systems. Their demands mean we know how best to integrate your custom software and database so that you suffer as little downtime as possible with your new applications.

With oneit you will get the experience and expertise better than the available largest custom developers while enjoying the personal attention that you want, need and deserve.

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If you have a project that needs customised finesse, oneit will get it done.

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The oneit Difference

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    From large companies to small in a variety of industries
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