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Job, Quote and Customer Relationship Management System

Height Safety Solutions (HSS) is now able to provide a client experience that’s as professional as their safety-critical services and solutions.


As providers of height safety solutions for use in commercial, residential and industrial environments, the HSS team is renowned for professionalism, whether they’re designing and installing safety systems, or supplying height safety products. Unfortunately, their Access-database management system was poorly designed. In fact, it hadn’t been designed – the cumbersome system had evolved in a piecemeal fashion over many years, leaving the HSS team with little control over the job, quotation and customer relationship management, and the quality and presentation of their customer documentation.


The job, quote and customer relationship management system we developed for HSS gives them complete control over project workflow, business data and documentation that can now be easily tailored to present a much more professional image. Our solution includes:

  • A quotation management system that generates documents from various quote templates tailored to specific jobs, allowing for thousands of products to be incorporated, while also storing, emailing and auditing changes and variations
  • A reporting dashboard for accessing high-level sales data providing business-critical insights into the success of the Sales team – a powerful sales tracking tool that can manage and present large amounts of raw data in an easy-to-use format
  • A job management system that automatically creates a job card on acceptance of a quote, again with a range of templates for different jobs, each one with a relevant Job Safety Analysis (JSA) form outlining the risks and hazards associated with the job
  • iPhone/iPad access to JSA forms, so onsite workers can complete the relevant safety-related documentation
  • Automatic ‘job complete’ SMS notifications for site supervisors
  • A centralised CRM system providing organisation-wide access to historical customer data and current sales prospects, with the ability to log all client communications


This powerful system enables the seamless creation, management and tracking of jobs and quotes, helping to ensure HSS meets OHS regulations and client expectations. In addition to saving the HSS team time, it helps to streamline and optimise the sales process, enhancing the HSS customer experience with professionally branded and customised documentation.

"From the moment that I first placed a call to One IT I have had nothing but courtesy, cooperation and a willingness to deliver responses from everyone in the team. The “Can Do” attitude is an absolute breath of fresh air, nothing has been too difficult, anything proving a challenge or unique to our system has been worked through to deliver outcomes satisfactory to all."

Kim McIntosh
General Manager, HSS Group

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