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Making TLC More Effective at Improving Effectiveness for Clients

When leadership solutions consultancy TLC Solutions Australia asked us to assist them they wanted a system that would provide the right solution for their clients but also reduce the time required to provide this solution to their clients. Essentially, TLCSA wanted us to build an online assessment and reporting tool to improve on their previous rudimentary online HPET tool and manual report generation.

More Insights for Clients, Less Manual Reporting for TLC

Accessed via the TLC website, the tool we built expedites the team assessment and reporting process for clients. Previously, the data was downloaded from the then existing online assessment and then analysed and processed into a format that was ready for insertion to the client report. The whole process would take 2 to 3 hours of a TLC team member’s time. The new solution provided by OneIT has reduced the total time required from initial contact to a completed report to around 10 minutes.

While there is still additional components to add in the new system integrates the registration of participants, the online assessment, the analysis, and the report generation into a seamless process and interface.

The High Performing Elite Teams (HPET) online questionnaire and automated report now allows TLCSA to expand the work with assisting teams to become more effective and not worry about the time and resources required to manage the increasing workload of HPET work.

Armed with the HPET Report, clients can then work with TLC to develop a bespoke training and coaching program to improve the effectiveness of their teams.

The Bottom Line? Our System Improves it for TLC

With this one system implementation, TLC will:

  • Save huge amounts of manual assessment and reporting time
  • Automate report production and created a passive income stream
  • Eliminate barriers that were preventing the business from expanding

“We’re really excited about this system,” says Greg Bayne, director at TLC. “Having an automated reporting system will enable us to save time and concentrate on expanding globally. It makes us more efficient and effective in improving team efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.”

What processes are eating into your team’s time and your bottom line? Is there an area of your business that could be automated? Talk to us about the options.

Support & Maintenance Plan - Month for Free!

We think of our clients as partners at OneIT. Whether we’re working together to build a bespoke business management system, or arranging a client networking event, it’s a partnership. And here’s another opportunity for everyone to benefit by working together, because, if you are currently on our maintenance plan we are offering you one-month for free. The cost? One little website link.

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