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FluidWorks’ new management system delivers flexibility and sustainability in a growing market.


Rapidly expanding to meet growing demand for their commercial and industrial plumbing installation and design services, FluidWorks urgently required the support of a scalable database. Their existing system utilised an extensive Excel Spreadsheet, putting the stability of a wealth of data in serious jeopardy.


The software solution we developed was customised to accommodate the functionality of the existing spreadsheet, while offering a far more streamlined, secure and flexible data management process. This enables:

  • Supplier price lists and cost codes to be uploaded and changed
  • Quotes to be easily created from base components and prices to be amended until finalised, with the appropriate costs and profit margins tallied automatically
  • Custom blocks of hardware components to be built, saved and reused on new quotes
  • Manual override to permit maximum flexibility
  • Generation of branded finalised quotes for submission to the client


Fluidworks is no longer reliant on one staff member to manage the data. Multiple users can now enter, upload and manage data easily, with all information stored in a central database, making it secure and scalable for long-term growth. Furthermore, as quotes are generated, they can be copied and modified, building a library of reusable components that will save time by eliminating the need for manual customisation.

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