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Online Assessment System

The online assessment tool we created for TLC Solutions Australia (TLC) has made their business more effective at improving team effectiveness for clients.


Leadership solutions consultancy TLC helps organisations improve the performance of managers and leadership teams to deliver bottom-line improvements in productivity and profitability. While they already had a High Performing Elite Teams (HPET) tool, it was pretty rudimentary and required a lot of manual administration.


The new online HPET assessment system we developed for TLC streamlines the assessment process, making it quicker and easier to generate the reports that enable the TLC team to develop bespoke training solutions for clients.
With an intuitive assessment interface, easily accessed and seamlessly integrated on TLC’s website, the new system automates:
  • The registration process
  • The online assessments process
  • In-depth team analysis
  • The generation of team assessment reports


Previously, the largely manual process took 2-3 hours to complete. Now, TLC consultants are able to get back to clients with reports and recommendations in around 10 minutes, not only reducing the amount of manual input required, but expediting the delivery of bespoke training solutions and coaching programs that clients need.

In addition,the system enables users to track the progress of managers right from the initial assessment to the final assessment. Its a much more professional looking online system than the paper based forms that previously got lost in the post.

Bottom Line Benefits

With fewer resources dedicated to assessments and report generation, TLC is now able to spend more time actually providing solutions for clients, essentially turning their online HPET tool into a passive income stream. With the implementation of one system, TLC has eliminated many of the barriers that were preventing the business from expanding.

“We’re really excited about this system. Having an automated reporting system will enable us to save time and concentrate on expanding globally. It makes us more efficient and effective in improving team efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.”
Greg Bayne – Director, TLC Solutions

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